Maybe I’m late to the party, but my recent discovery of has been a significant one, indeed.  I first heard of this FREE music website through my friend Maria (you may remember her from the cheap champagne taste test).

It all began with Hurricane Irene.

That's a big girl.

Living in Brooklyn – a mere four miles from “Zone A,” the first zone to be evacuated –

The yellow area is Zone A.

– we decided that then was as good a time as any to take a brief vacay to… (scanning the map for a westward town)… Allentown, PA.  Why not? I have a car, we have three dogs between us all, and we weren’t going to have to go to work anyway.  Yeah… ok!

(Oh, and “us all” was Josh; Maria; her husband, Mark; Nola and Margeaux, our dogs; Shani, their dog; myself; and a partridge in a pear tree.)

Three dogs in the trunk of an SUV. My car still smells like dog.

Well, Maria brought her computer and with it, brought a totally awesome, albeit slightly ironic Evacuation Vacation playlist featuring such topical tunes as “Stormy Weather,” “Riders on the Storm,” and “Fire and Rain“ – to name a few.  I asked her how she was able to compile such a random assortment of songs that were all storm/weather/rain related in such a short amount of time – I mean, the storm was coming straight at us, we really didn’t have a lot of time to pack – and that’s when she told me about  So here I am, sharing the love…

This FREE service lets you compile playlists from available music on their website (and there’s lots), and then you can name the playlists, share them via social media, view other people’s playlists for inspiration, and other coolness.  It’s still in its BETA version, i.e., new, still trying out stuff, ya know, but there’s no download required and again… it’s FREE!

And…What time of the year could be more playlist perfect than during the holidays!? (I can hear the Charlie Brown Christmas song now). Go, get to playlist makin’!

(Oh… and because they are a newer website, they actively seek the opinions of their users, so check it out –let me know what you think!  Let them know what you think!)


Oh, and needless to say, we made it out of Hurricane Irene unscathed. Had we stayed in town, we wouldn’t have suffered more than a few hours without power.  However… we never would have been able to get these epic pictures!

Refugee camp

And one more time…

… I call that an Evacuation Vacation success story!  Bam!


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