Hello everyone!  Hope y’all had a a fabulous holiday weekend!!!  Just wanted to drop in with a few, recent Pinterest finds (to read all about Pinterest and find similar posts, go here).

With New Year’s Eve coning up soon — along with a host of other holiday frivolity — I thought it was high time I used Pinterest for something other than home decor and crafty projects.  After all, Pinterest is a great place to find recipes! (I actually turned to Pinterest for a few of my Christmas day food ideas this year!)

This time, I searched for adult beverages.  Oooh…..  :)  Some of these are classic, some a bit unexpected, and all sound delicious and… er, potent.  More often than not, these beverage recipes only require one type of alcohol, which definitely helps to cut costs (cocktails can get so expensive with the multiple types of alcohol needed).  Hope you enjoy my finds!

As always, click on the picture for a link to the original source — and most importantly, the original recipe.

Starting with a classic…

Pinned Image

Egg nog, Source: Feasting.in

This particular egg nog recipe seems a but more budget-friendly than most because it requires less ingredients (and the ingredients it does require are cheaper than the traditional egg nog ingredients).

Oldie, but a goodie…

Pinned Image

Mulled Wine, Source: About.com

Mulled wine is the best!  This particular recipe requires brandy, but I’ve had it a few times with just the red wine and it’s perfectly fine.  If you don’t have whole cloves or cinnamon sticks, the ground spices works just as well (in my humble, quasi-foodie opinion).  This recipe can also be especially delicious (and pretty to look at) with apple slices floating around in it.

Pinned Image

Spiked apple cider, Source: Food Network

Again with my humble and only quasi-foodie opinion: this recipe would be fine without the cinnamon Schnapp’s.  Just add the cinnamon in ground spice form and add a bit more alcohol.  However, if you already have all of these ingredients lying around — really? does anyone have cinnamon Schnapp’s just sitting in their cabinet?  – then by all means!  I’m sure it’d be delightful… :)

These next recipes are a bit more unexpected, but nonetheless fabulous.

Sparkling Champagne Jello

Champagne Jello Mold, Source: The Jello Mold Mistress of Brooklyn

A Jello mold?  With champagne?  Seriously?  (And we all know I adore champagne.)

Champagne Jello shots, Source: Jelly Shot Test Kitchen

God, that’s so classy, I can’t stand it.

And for those Harry Potter fans out there (like myself)…

Butterbeer Jelly Shots

Butterbeer Jello shots, Source: Jelly Shot Test Kitchen

Now, those are pretty.

Image URL:  http://thegingerpennypincher.files.wordpress.com/2012/03/feature-on-the-gpp-button.jpg

Link URL:  http://thegingerpennypincher.wordpress.com

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