It’s no secret that I heart free things… So of course I like free craft supplies (which is basically how I define upcycling).  In light of Easter being this Sunday, I figured that if you ventured into Egg Dyeing Land — it’s a fun place filled with food coloring, vinegar, and stained fingers — you might have some empty egg cartons lying around.  (Or if you live in the Foster-Donahue homestead, you go through a dozen eggs every time you turn around.  Cheap, versatile protein!  We love eggs.)

Oh what’s an upcycler to do?!

Ooh!  Wait!  I know!  Call on me!!! (Just imagine my hand outstretched while I jump up and down all elementary-school-obnoxious.)

This week’s round-up features egg carton crafty curations (that was so alliterative, my heart skipped a beat… it’s the little things).  To go back to the original source, just click on the picture (though each pic is labeled with its website of origin).  Good blogging karma: check.


egg carton rose medallion

Medallion made from crushed egg cartons {Source: Simpsonized Crafts}

{Source: Simpsonized Crafts}

Framed egg carton wreath {Source: Krafty Kat}

egg carton flowers

Egg carton flowers with vintage button centers {Source: Intimate Weddings}

inhabitat spring greening diy design contest, sustainable design, green design, diy design contest, recycled materials, refurbished furniture, found design, household reuse, industrial design, Egg Crate Lamp

Egg carton light {Source: Federico Otero via Inhabitat}

egg carton lights

Egg carton string lights {Source: Espirit Cabane via Mai Magazine}

egg carton art

Egg carton bulletin board {Source: Mookychick}

egg carton drawer organzier

Egg carton drawer organizer {Source: The Krazy Coupon Lady}

egg carton as a jewelry organizer

White ceramic egg crate jewelry organizer {Source: Young House Love}

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  1. tuesday2 April 6, 2012, 5:33 pm

    I like the eggcarton bulletin board! I’m going to try this in our kindergarten classroom; the kids can each have their own to display their works of art!

    Thanks for the idea~

    1. TheGingerPennyPincher April 6, 2012, 5:35 pm

      Yay! I liked that one too!


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