I have long loved the many uses of the zipper… aside from its ability to keep clothes on (which is important).   I own a zipper-adorned dress, a zipper ring, and my mother makes the most fabulous zipper flower brooches (I’d show you pictures, but she lives like 800 miles away).

Obviously, a zipper-art-and-accessories round-up was more than overdue, so here I am today with just that.  You’re welcome.

As always, click on the image or refer to the caption for the original source.  You won’t find much in the way of tutorials, but they shor is purdy.

Orange & Green Heart Zipper Brooch

{Source: Redyarn Etsy Shop}

Zipper Necklace

{Source: Kate Cusack}


{Source: Infarrantly Creative}

{Source: That’s So Cuegly}

Pinned Image

{Source: Amalia Versaci via Recyclart}

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