Today’s post is something else cool that my mother did (she’s constantly doing fabulous crafty things — like every day — and because I’m home for the next couple of weeks, I am privy to all of her goings-on…  And sometimes if I’m lucky, she’ll let me snap a pic or two before she finishes).

Right now is especially exciting (for me) because she’s working on a few handmade gift ideas for an arts and crafts festival coming up.  Like the easy felt flowers from a couple of weeks ago, she is looking for things that are relatively inexpensive and easy to make (all proceeds go to a scholarship fund they’ve created).

Enter the office supplies!  (Don’t we all love office supplies?)

She found some simple clipboards at Dollar Tree for… say it with me: a dollar!

Then she added an inexpensive piece of scrapbook paper (using Elmer’s glue) and used a razor blade to cut around the metal clip.  After the glue was dry, she added two thin layers of matte Mod Podge (matte’s better in this case because it looks less homemade decoupage-y).

She added a bow to give it more a gifty feel.  I am less enthused about this particular detail, but whatever.

Here’s another pretty one:

I love these because not only are they nice for everyday organizational goodness, but they’re also good as picture hangers for art on the wall (ignore the awkwardness of the light switch placement below):

Or you can use it for practical reasons, like a to do list (you know I love those):

(As you can see, I do really important things when I’m not writing these blog posts.)

So… the grand total of this project comes out to a whopping…


And it’s easy to make!

And it’s not time-consuming!

And it facillates list-making!

It’s a win-win-win-win!!!  Which is so much better than a plain ol’ vanilla win-win.

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