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Who’s got two thumbs and finally transferred her WordPress blog to her very own, self-hosted blog?!


This girl!


(Yeah, the whole “two thumbs” thing doesn’t work as well when it’s typed out.)


That’s right! No more thegingerpennypincher dot WordPress dot com… It’s just good ol’ (or new) www.thegingerpennypincher.com (though WordPress is still my blogging platform).  It was one of my biggest DIY efforts to date, and I’m so dorkily proud and excited, I can’t stand it.


So first order of business, update those bookmarks and readers or whatever subscription method you’ve got going on.  I’ve already installed an automatic redirect, but you may have to clear some things for it to work the first go ’round.  Or not (still working out the kinks).  And I’ve got some subscription options in the top of the right side bar, so go check them out!


(And if you haven’t subscribed, why not do it now?  You’ll be in on the dot com ground floor, and everyone will be jealous of you. Then they’ll subscribe.  Then their friends will subscribe.  Then we’ll start a revolution — a ginger-lovin’-Diet-Coke-swiggin’-bargain-huntin’-DIY-doin’ revolution.  And we’ll take over the world!  …Well, maybe just Pinterest.)


My reasons for doing so are probably obvious.  When I first started this blog, I posted every weekday, Monday through Friday, and I loved doing it.  It held me accountable for spiffing up my new — well, new to me — apartment, for getting out and doing things in my new — again, new to me — city, and for saving and being as thrifty as possible, when possible.  And it was good.


It was also a fantastic outlet for me that had nothing to do with the performing arts, which otherwise consumes my life if I’m not careful (if you’re a new reader, I’m a professional theatre actress and singer living in one of the most competitive markets in the world: New York City).  Having an outlet outside of that world kept me sane and balanced…. and happy, especially when rejection is a part of everyday life (even for the most talented).


Then after two months, the blog started growing like crazy.  Overnight my stats went through the roof, I had a dozen or so posts that were in the number one spot in Google searches, and I gained new subscribers every single day.  It was exciting, which made me think monetizing it would be exciting (read: lucrative).  But to do that, I had to for real-real get my act together: buy a domain name, buy hosting, buy a theme (because I was not a fan of any of the free ones), maybe buy a more appropriate camera for a blog that deals largely with interiors… not to mention finding time to do all these things.


I got a little overwhelmed, because:


A.  It was gonna cost a little money (but not that much).
B.  It was gonna take a little time that I didn’t think I had (and I actually underestimated that — it took a lot of time to make this happen, and I am definitely still in the beta stage).


And finally…


C.  I don’t exactly ascribe to the “build it and they will come” mentality (oh, how I wish I did).  I have a big fear in general that I’m gonna put all this effort into something — a project or endeavor of some sort — and go through the proverbial ribbon cutting ceremony, and… cricket, cricket.  Nothing happens.  No one jumps on the bandwagon.  People lose interest.  And then… apathy… over something that I’m not initially apathetic about.


I know.  This is no way to live.  But I do this nonetheless, and it takes a lot of energy (and sometimes time) to talk myself down from this place.


Back to the blog.  Somewhere around July of 2012, I started posting only once a week…


Then every other week…


Then once a month.


And all those awesome stats and numbers I talked about took a toll.  Obvs.


And believe me when I say I wasn’t apathetic at all; in fact, I thought about the blog every day and how I wanted to get back to it, I just didn’t.  True, I was busier than I had been the year before when it was booming (this had a lot to do with me getting so sick that I couldn’t audition or do much of anything for a few months, so all I really did was blog).


I’m not sure what changed, but I woke up one day charged and ready to get the blog up and running again, and I decided if there was any positive reception to this, I would consider dot com-ing it and monetizing it once and for all.


And it worked!  I certainly haven’t gone back to posting daily like I used to (hopefully those days are coming back soon, because I have a long lost of topics and projects I want to explore), but my biweekly posts here and there have generated interest (again), and I’ve even gotten some lovely e-mails of encouragement (thanks y’all!) so I feel good about moving forward.


Because yeah, while I should do it for me, I really do like to feel like I’m writing to an audience that appreciates the help… Or tips… Or whatever I’m doling out (even if it is home or shopping or thrifty design related).  So getting a little love from you guys was just what I needed/wanted, and here I go again!  This time, dot com style!


By no means is this website a finished product.  I’m still experimenting with everything: layout, design, color, ad space, etc. so expect a lot of changes coming your way.  (And if you’re an e-mail or reader subscriber, make sure to check back here on the actual website and see what I’m up to!).


As for the “what, how, and which one?” to the blog migration, I’ll save that for my next post.  Let’s just say the word logistics will probably be used a lot.


Say tuned.  And una mas for all subscribers and would-be subscribers: Check out the e-mail or reader subscription options in the upper right portion of the sidebar, and remember the new URL is www.thegingerpennypincher.com.


 Thanks for checking stuff out, and let me know what you think!


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  1. Josh, the Husband June 2, 2013, 2:29 pm

    I couldn’t be more excited for you! All that hard work is paying off – it looks great!

  2. Lindsey, the Redhead Baby Mama June 4, 2013, 11:58 am

    When I bought my .com it was a huge day, too! So happy for you!


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